Concrete Frames

Collage of architecture and urban scenes. Fragments of visions overlapping in time reassemble the aesthetic of the city's face represented by imaginary scenery


2017, Concrete, 23 x 63 x 12 cm

An unusual perspective of the Rialto Bridge, Aldo Rossi's re-elaboration of of the Filarete column and the front of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi act as glimpses of a metaphysical Venice.

São Paulo

2017, Concrete, 29 x 63 x 11 cm

Skyscrapers, roads, slums, signs on an inhabited building together with Lina Bo Bardi's forms and historical façades along Praça do Patriarch tell of a dense and hectic vertical city. A horizontal mark, Mendes Da Rocha's canopy, marks out a shelter and conceals a stairway to venture elsewhere.